Post-Operative Instructions

Surgical Site

  • You will have a small compressive bandage wrapped around the penis that may be removed in 24 hours. It may be removed earlier if you feel like it is cutting off blood flow to the tip of your penis.
  • You may shower.

Diet and Activity

  • You may return to your normal diet, as tolerated, after the procedure.
  • You must not engage in sexual activity for at least 4 weeks following each injection.
  • You should begin to perform penile modeling at home starting two days after the completion of each cycle (each cycle includes two injections). When the penis is soft and not erection, you should gently stretch the penis away from your body to its full length for second seconds. If this is painful, then you are pulling too hard. This stretching should be performed three times daily. If you have a spontaneous erection not related to sexual activity, you may apply gentle pressure to the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature for 30 seconds. If this straightening is painful, then you are pulling too hard. This straightening should not be performed more than once daily. Traction devices (such as Restorex, SizeGenetics, Veromax) can also be used for about 30 minutes daily to supplement modeling.


  • Take extra strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) or NSAID pain medications (such as ibuprofen) as needed for pain.

Problems you should report

  • Any concern for penile fracture including loud popping noise with sexual activity and sudden significant penile swelling and bruising causing the penis to appear like an eggplant.
  • Any pain not controlled by oral medication.
  • Spreading redness from the injection.
  • Any concerns or problems, please contact us at (717) 393-1771 anytime.


You should be scheduled for your next injection visit prior to leaving the office. Please call (717) 393-1771 if needed to confirm time and location.