Post-Operative Instructions

Surgical Site

  • You may have slight redness at the electrode insertion site near the ankle.

Diet and Activity

  • You may return to your normal diet and activity, as tolerated, after the procedure.


  • Take extra strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) or NSAID pain medications (such as ibuprofen) as needed for pain, but discomfort is very uncommon after the procedure.

Problems you should report

  • Fevers > 101.
  • Any pain not controlled by oral medication.
  • Spreading redness from the insertion site.
  • Inability to urinate.
  • Any concerns or problems, please contact us at (717) 393-1771 anytime.


You should be scheduled for your next stimulation visit before leaving the office. Please call (717) 393-1771 as needed to confirm time and location.