Post-Operative Instructions

Surgical Site

  • You will have a small incision in the upper outer part of your buttocks that is closed with steri-strips (small pieces of tape) and covered with a dressing of gauze and bandage.
  • The dressing may be removed in about 24 hours but the steri-strips underneath should remain in place.
  • You may shower after the dressing has been removed.
  • You should not submerge in water for 48 hours after the procedure (no swimming, no soaking in the bathtub, etc.).
  • The steri-strips (small pieces of tape can stay on until they begin to curl up and fall off. You may remove them after 7 days if they have not already fallen off.

Diet and Activity

  • You may return to your normal diet, as tolerated, after the procedure. Consider placing an ice pack over the incision site intermittently as needed within the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • There are no significant limits to your activities, but you should avoid any exercises that might expel (push out) the pellets for 48 hours (no squats, no hip thrusts, etc.).


  • Take extra strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) or NSAID pain medications (such as ibuprofen) as needed for pain.

Problems you should report

  • Fevers > 101.
  • Any pain not controlled by oral medication.
  • Spreading redness from the incision.
  • Significant discharge or protrusion of pellets from the incision.
  • Any concerns or problems, please contact us at (717) 393-1771 anytime.


You should have your testosterone level and other blood work checked in about 3 months to review at your follow-up appointment. Based on your symptom control and testosterone level, we will determine the appropriate dosing adjustment and reimplantation schedule for you. Typically, implantations are performed about once every 4 months. Please call (717) 393-1771 to confirm time and location of your follow-up visit.